2018 Winter Speed/Agility Training Kicked Off!


Tuesday 1/23 marked the first Winter Speed & Movement workouts!

The purpose of the workouts is to develop and improve on-field athleticism for all position groups! This winter session will be on Tuesday and Thursday morning and will run four weeks for a total of 8 workout opportunities.

This is your chance to develop as a player… and move us forward as a team! The first workout was this morning at 6:05am, but dont worry if you missed it. We will have another opportunity on Thursday at 6:05am in the fieldhouse. Workouts will run about 1hr 15m. We will be done in time for you players to get breakfast before classes start.

We hope to see all non-winter sport athletes at these workouts! If you are in a winter sport and would like to attend, be sure to receive your winter coaches approval before attending.

ALSO: We are currently in the weight room after school, Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. from 3pm-415pm. If you are not in a sport currently we highly recommend attending these after school lifts.

If you have any questions feel free to email;